The Short Film Network


Website Under Construction! Launching Soon!

The Short Film Network is an exclusive service for filmmakers. We build amazing websites for filmmakers which can be used for marketing the film, releasing the film and more.

Currently we are in closed beta and not accepting public registrations. 

Sign up to get notified when we launch. (One time notification, no spam!)
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Want to get your website made before we launch? Submit your film on Indie Shorts Mag with custom plan and we will get in touch.
Filmmakers submitting via Indie Shorts Mag get the following benefits:
  • Custom made website.
  • Use for one year. Renew for as low as $20(Indie Shorts Mag exclusive price) for another year.
  • Sub-domain on The Short Film Network. Check a website we made here.
  • By default the site is made on a The Short Film Network subdomain. Domain registration available on request (for additional fee).
  • More services coming soon. All new services we provide will be provided without additional charge for 1 year.
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